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Ceramic platter SOLD

Ceramic platter SOLD

Beautiful handbuilt and hand-painted ceramic platter made from white earthenware clay body. 

The surface has been hand painted using underglaze ceramic paints and sealed with transparent glaze. The base of the platter is sealed with the highest quality food-safe Japanese bee wax.


Total height: approx. 4.5cm (highest point) and 2 cm (lowest point)
Circumference: approx. 29cm x 26cm  
Weight: 920g


I work as a ceramicist firing to temperatures between 1080 and 1250 degrees and I usually use white clay body. All of my work is hand-painted with underglazes and I generally fire each piece twice (unless I'm applying gold luster then the work requires a third firing).


Every piece I make is original, unique, and one-off and as it's a handmade item please expect slight imperfections.


Food safe and hand wash only.


Packages are to be packed mostly in paper and card with the occasional re-used packaging materials. 

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